Flat Fee 401 (K)

What is The Flat Fee 401(k)SM ?
The Flat Fee 401(k)SM is a revolutionary pricing model designed by Evidence Advisors Investment Management that solves the problem of unreasonable and hidden costs within many of today's 401(k) plans.

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What makes it "revolutionary"?
Many 401(k) plans today compensate service providers through what is known as revenue sharing. Brokers, recordkeepers, and other services providers “share” a percentage of the revenue generated from mutual fund expenses. Revenue sharing is not illegal, however there is growing concern from the Department of Labor as to whether it is reasonable.

The Flat Fee 401(k)SM is revolutionary for two reasons. First, it exposes the increasing compensation that some providers receive, year after year, even though their services remain the same. Service providers who receive compensation as a percentage of plan assets, have a built in increase in revenue just due to plan contributions.

Secondly, there is a wave of change going on in the financial services industry surrounding the fiduciary status of financial professionals. The DOL has issued a new Fiduciary Rule. Broker/dealers and registered representatives will no longer be able to operate under their current commission based model.

As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, Evidence Advisors has always acted in a fiduciary capacity for our wealth management clients, and we have never charged a commission for investment management. The Flat Fee 401(k)SM is our newest way to bring advanced solutions to more investors by providing wealth management-like services to 401(k) plans and participants.

We were told that due to the large balance in our plan, there is no charge for recordkeeping. Is that true?
Here is the surest way to find out if that is true.

Ask your broker or financial advisor if you can change your fund menu to all index funds with no revenue sharing. If you are with a company like Fidelity, ask if you are required to have a certain number of their funds in your menu. That should get the ball rolling on the true cost of your plan. Then follow up with these two questions:

1. Remind me again exactly how your company is compensated for servicing us?

2. Are you a fiduciary, and did we sign a contract for that service?


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