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Information to help you with your retirement plan enrollment, investment options, plan description, and financial wellness program.

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Investment Management and Participant Education

Evidence Advisors Investment Management provides assistance with the monitoring and selection of the investment choices in your plan. Evidence Advisors also supplies financial wellness tools and investment education to participants. 

Plan Recordkeeper 

T.Rowe Price is the recordkeeper for the Armstrong, Vaughan & Associates 401(k) plan. T.Rowe Price provides a website and online platform for participants to log in and manage their retirement accounts. T.Rowe Price provides participants with assistance regarding transactions, loans, website, enrollment, and other account-related inquiries. 


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Overview of your retirement plan features and provisions


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Low-cost mutual fund investment menu monitored by Evidence Advisors, LLC

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Financial Wellness

Investment education, financial planning tools, newsletter, and live training


Planning Assistance

A retirement plan advisor can help with your investment or financial planning needs. 

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Financial Planning Tools and Investment Education for your 401(k) Retirement Plan

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