Employee Engagement Checklist

401(k) wee(k)ly wyatt moerdyk Jan 12, 2022

I may have mentioned before that my first career was in education. It was, and I am sure still is, typical for teachers to count down the days to summer, especially in mid to late May. I will always remember a funny thing I heard one year as I was getting my coffee in the lounge (teachers have lounges, not break rooms) on the first day of the new school year. In walked one of the more, let us just say, weathered teachers. He said with a happy sort of sarcasm, "Only 186 more days left!"   

Well, it is the second week of 2022, and only 50 weeks left! Are you feeling it? Hopefully, your confidence is high, and the future looks bright. However, for some, Covid fatigue set in around a year ago and has not let up. We are seeing evidence of that feeling in what economists are calling the “Great Resignation.”

Harvard Business Review says, “To counteract the incoming wave of employee turnover, organizations — more than ever — need to focus on cultivating employee engagement. I am not an HR expert, but the Employee Engagement Checklist in their article is worth the read.

The Havard Business Review - How Companies Can Improve Employee Engagement Right Now

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